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marți, 27 noiembrie 2012

Blow me DOTA 2 !


One of the more interesting aspects of games, besides actually playing them, is reading some of the mid blowing statistics that you can drum up with a bit of research. You've probably heard that at its peak, World of Warcraft had a whopping 12 million active players. Xbox Live is even higher with a total of over 40 million monthly subscribers. These stats pale in significance however, when compared with the gargantuan figures Riot games has released for League of Legends. As they put it, LoL is quite simply the most popular game in the world right now.
Taking that into consideration, when League of Legends is weighed up against WoW and Xbox Live, you get some crazy numbers. Over 70 million registered summoner names. An active monthly player base of 32 million. 12 million daily active players (over 50% more than instagram).


vineri, 16 noiembrie 2012

joi, 15 noiembrie 2012

Visual Upgrade: Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress

Many of you have been asking for a new look for Nidalee. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve heard you, and that you can expect a complete Visual Upgrade for the Bestial Huntress in an upcoming patch.

In addition to a new model for both lady and cougar, this update includes new animations and spell effects across both of her forms. We’ll also be upgrading the model and splash art for all of Nidalee’s skins, so you can enjoy the latest fashion, whether you’re a French Maid or a Pharaoh.

The next time you feel the need to go swiftly slinking through the brush, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting foe, do so knowing you look stunningly stylish.

miercuri, 14 noiembrie 2012

Good Bye EU-NE , hello WEST !

I`m a LoL player. I freakin` love this game.It`s the best game of his type , shitting on HoN and DOTA 2.I`ve been playing it since beta and let`s say i`m an above adverage player.
But in the past hafl a year LoL has stoped being fun.Instead of relaxing me it just made me wanna quit all online gaming.
Why ? Cuz the community on EU-NE has gone to hell.The players are acting like monkeys on crack , have no skills and no desire to learn or to cooperate .
I stoped playing on EU-Ne for a week and just played matches on PBE and i was surprised in a good way of the quality of the players.
Since it`s PBE u kinda expect ppl to play crappy , but instead i`ve seen better players then in ranked.
But since the PBE has some problems now with the match making, i tryed a couple of games on normal. And by god , it was a mistake.It`s like Wold Of Warcraft all over again .....players who have NO CLUE what they are suppose to do , acting like 5 years old brats and cursing like freakin` sailors.I mean....calling me a n00b and a ks-er `cuz i saved his ass !? Or just `cuz i don`t go 1 vs 5 i`m a n00b ?

I`m a n00b cuz i can`t tank while playing an assassin ? I`m a n00b cuz i can use my spells the right way ? I`m a n00b cuz i have clarity on a mana hungry champion ? This is gettin really stupid and annoying really fast.
What does all of this mean ? Good players will leave , players over 18 will leave cuz this game seems to promote stupidity.
The tribunal is not working....at least it didn`t change the ppl i run into in games.Same stupid little kids with their stupid little atitudes and their stupid little flame.
I usually play with a m8 of mine and 99% of the games we`re carrying the whole team. And dear god if we have polish or russian players in our team....it`s insta-surrender-at-20 gameplay !
Let me give an example of what "normal games" are on EU-NE . I was playing Rengar and before i left my lane i had 2/0/1.All was nice and dandy.But when the team fighst started all went verry fast south. I went to help Lux and she literally left me to die vs Voli and Fiddle.She had full mana and full hp, but she decided that she really really needs to go back into base.

Second example : morgana vs 5 enemys ! After she died in 1 sec she called me n00b `cuz i didn`t join her in that kamikaze atack.Srsly ? Just `cuz she was that stupit must i be the same ?

So i decided to change relms. I moved to WEST. And dear baby jesus , the diference it`s bloody HUGE !
For the first time in at least half a year i had fun ! It didn`t matter if i won or lose , the game was FUN !
We won , but the game was entertaining , the enemys were good sports. I saw no cursing, no KS bullshit , no rage , nothing i was expecting after the EU-NE experience.
The game was played like it was made to be played , ppl helping each other , all buying wards and paying attention to the map ! It was EPIC !


vineri, 2 noiembrie 2012

Zed, the Master of Shadows

Zed is the first ninja in 200 years to unlock the ancient, forbidden ways. He defied his clan and master, casting off the balance and discipline that had shackled him all his life. Zed now offers power to those who embrace knowledge of the shadows, and slays those who cling to ignorance.

An orphan, Zed was taken in and trained by a great ninja master. Only one other student appeared to be Zed's equal - the master's son, Shen. It seemed Zed could never win the favor of the master, as every match between the rivals ended in a draw. Frustrated and jealous, he sought an advantage. The young ninja ventured into a sealed part of the clan's temple, where he found an ornate, foreboding box. Sensing the dark knowledge within, Zed knew he should not open it, but he peered inside nonetheless. In an instant, shadows touched his mind, revealing techniques that had long been hidden. Now armed with a secret edge, he challenged Shen, and this time he defeated the master's son. He expected praise and recognition in his moment of victory, but somehow the master knew Zed had used forbidden ways, and banished him.

Humiliated, the young ninja wandered for years. His bitterness turned to ambition, and he began to train others in the style of the shadows. As his power grew, so did his circle of followers, but he knew that without the box, his technique would never be perfect. One day, Zed looked at his followers and saw that his students were now an army. He led them back to the temple to claim his prize. At the gates, he was surprised to find the old master waiting, receiving Zed and his disciples as if they were welcome guests. The old man laid his sword at Zed's feet, declaring that he had failed Zed as his master. By banishing his former student, the master had doomed Zed to the shadows, instead of leading him to the balanced path. The old man implored Zed to enter the temple, destroy the box, and lead his followers to balance. The dark ninja followed the master inside. Moments later, the assembled ninjas heard Zed cry out in pain. Mysteriously, he emerged unscathed, and threw the severed head of the master at Shen's feet. Screaming in rage, Zed commanded his followers to slaughter the master's students and seize the box.

That day, the old ninja order fell. Though many students died, some escaped thanks to Shen's heroic efforts. Now the temple is a dark training ground for the Order of the Shadow. Zed rules as the Order's master, and his edict is simple: perfect one's technique, and kill all ninjas who refuse to embrace the shadows.

Contempt for the Weak (Passive): Whenever Zed attacks an enemy below 50% Health, he deals an additional 8% of their maximum Health as magic damage. This effect has a short cooldown.
Razor Shuriken: Zed and his shadow both throw their shurikens, dealing physical damage to any target they pass through. Each Shuriken deals less damage to targets beyond the first.
Living Shadow: Zed’s shadow dashes forward, remaining in place for a short duration. Zed’s shadow will duplicate his spells. Activating Living Shadow again while his shadow is active will cause Zed to switch positions with his shadow. If both Zed and his shadow strike the same target with Razor Shurikens or Shadow Slash, Zed regains some energy and the target suffers an additional effect: Razor Shurikens deal additional bonus damage and the slow from Shadow Slash is dramatically increased.
Shadow Slash: Zed and his shadow both create a burst of shadow, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies. Zed’s Shadow Slash slightly reduces the cooldown of Living Shadow by for each unit struck. The shadow’s Shadow Slash briefly slows enemies.
Death Mark: Zed sinks into the shadows and dashes to his target, dealing physical damage. He also spawns a Living Shadow beyond the target, which duplicates his spells and marks the target. After 3 seconds, the mark will detonate, dealing physical damage based on the damage dealt to the target by Zed and his shadow while the mark was active. Zed can reactivate this ability to switch positions with this shadow.

''Balance is a lie - we are the true ninjas.'' - Zed

N00bSaibot is back in this motherfucker !

marți, 23 octombrie 2012

New Skins !!!

New Skins in the new patch !
Brand , Elise , Fiora & Ryze

sâmbătă, 20 octombrie 2012

Elise , The Spider Queen !

Vicious and elegant, Elise's charismatic grace lures the innocent and greedy alike into her web of deceit. While her victims may discover her true intentions, no one has ever lived to reveal what dark secrets lie behind her enigmatic guise.

In dark halls, hidden from society, Elise preached the word of a mythical spider god. Her desperate followers hungered for the god's favor, believing its blessings to be the source of Elise's vibrance and power. When Elise proclaimed that she would lead a pilgrimage to the spider god's shrine, she selected only her most devout disciples to join her. Ecstatic, the chosen few followed her blindly as she led them on a perilous journey across the sea. When they came ashore at their final destination, the mysterious Shadow Isles, Elise led them to a cavern shrouded in webs. Expecting a shrine, the group looked to their priestess in confusion. She turned to the crowd and raised her arms in triumph, revealing strange, spiderlike legs that grew out of her back. Seeing her terrifying true form for the first time, Elise's followers turned to flee, but she conjured magical webs to trap them. With her victims ensnared, she turned to face the cave and uttered a screeching cry. An enormous undead spider-beast emerged from the darkness, dragging its hideous bulk on thick, pointed legs. Elise's followers could only scream as the monstrous spider ate them alive. She approached the sated creature, extracted its venom, and drank the strange substance. An immediate sense of rejuvenation flowed through her veins. With mortality delayed once again, Elise left to rejoin her congregation. They were overjoyed to hear that their fellows had chosen to remain at the spider god's sacred home. Elise reassured her disciples that she would lead another pilgrimage in due time. The spider god would be waiting.

Abilities (Human form):
Spider Swarm (Passive): Elise’s Human Form spells will ready a spiderling when cast on an enemy.
Neurotoxin: Elise damages a target based on its current Health.
Volatile Spiderling: Elise releases a venom-gorged spiderling that explodes when it nears a target.
Cocoon: Elise fires a skillshot that stuns the first enemy struck.
Spider Form: Elise transforms into a menacing spider with new abilities. While in Spider Form, Elise deals magic bonus damage on attack and has increased Movement Speed, Armor, and Magic Resistance. Each level of her ultimate allows Elise to summon an additional spiderling.

Abilities (Spider Form):
Spider Swarm (Passive): Elise summons her spiderlings to fight by her side. Spiderlings deal physical damage and take reduced damage from multi-target abilities.
Venomous Bite: Elise lunges forward and bites her target, slowing them and dealing bonus damage based on how low its Health is.
Skittering Frenzy: Elise and her spiderlings gain Attack Speed and heal her on each attack.
On enemy cast: Elise and her spiderlings ascend high into the air and descend upon an enemy target.
On ground cast: Elise and her spiderlings ascend high into the air, becoming untargetable for two seconds. Casting Rappel on a nearby enemy during this time will descend upon your target.
Human Form: Elise transforms into a human form with new abilities. Each level of her ultimate allows Elise to summon an additional spiderling.

"The truly faithful need not fear the spider's embrace." Elise